Taking Your Health Back to the Future

Our therapeutic essential oil blends help balance your body and overall health.

Blending Ancient and 21st Century Medicine

At DNA Energetics, we draw from the true wisdom of the past and technological modern advancement to create the right path for future health. We incorporate ancient principles of healing with modern genetic assessment to create powerful bioenergetic solutions. Our therapeutic blends of essential oils support the function of key metabolic pathways affected by genomic variation. We offer our oils in a variety of delivery systems: roll-ons, diffusing blends, and wearable bracelets formulated with patented vibrational technology.

Our Therapeutic Oil Blends

Our therapeutic oil blends were created to support key metabolic pathways that may be weakened by combinations of genomic and environmental factors. Single nucleotide variations (SNPs) are common genetic variations of nucleotide sequences found among people that may or may not adversely affect function; however, our environment and lifestyle habits coupled with our SNPs can create disparities between cellular supply and demand. Ultimately, when demand exceeds supply, the normal function of important metabolic pathways that are involved in mitigating cellular stress is disrupted.

We formulated our essential oil blends to address this issue, basing them on clinical research that demonstrates their biochemical efficacy by supporting the function of the enzyme(s), membrane channels, and/or cells involved in a given pathway. For example our Master Antioxidant Blend aids in the production of the enzymes: catalase (CAT), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and glutathione (GSH) in the body while our EMF Blend supports the voltage-gated calcium channels adversely affected by exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

The varying delivery systems for each blend are specially designed to enhance their therapeutic effects. For blends available by way of topical application, the oil can be applied directly on the skin for absorption into the body. Alternatively, some oils are available for inhalational delivery. Inhalational delivery of the oils is an efficient means to administer the therapeutic constituents of the blends directly to the bloodstream. When inhaled the aromatic properties of the oils have a positive effect in the central nervous system (CNS) and provide continuous delivery of the therapeutic dosage. 

In addition to transdermal and inhalational delivery, we have created a unique line of wearable technology that delivers the unique bioenergetic frequency of the oil blends. This technology utilizes a patented VibesUP™ material with a vibrational matrix fashioned from the combination of gemstones (tourmaline, quartz & 12 other stones), minerals, and specific essential oils all placed under pressure. Once under pressure, the gemstone matrix generates a piezoelectric signal that serves to amplify the unique frequencies of the embedded oils, thereby transmitting the signal to the body. It is not necessary to re-apply oils to the wearable technology as they come already woven into the material.

These oils and blends can be easily integrated into your daily routine.