About Us

DNA Energetics was founded on the principle that everyone has the inherent capacity to lead a healthy and vibrant life. We believe that nature provides the information and solutions to achieve one’s highest state of well-being.

Lari Young, MD, MS

Founder, Formulator
Dr. Lari Young’s education combined with over 30 years experience in Medicine allows her to consider etiologies for her patient’s health problems at their deepest level. She embraces a “east-meets-west” clinical approach coupled with a systems and quality healthcare mindset– she knows not only what to do, but how to do it. In addition to traditional medical training, Dr. Young holds a Masters degree in Evaluative Clinical Sciences as well as training in Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, and genetics. Her education and experience allow her to utilize genomics, biophysical, and bioenergetic information to recognize patterns of dysfunction at a cellular level. Dr. Young’s approach to wellness understands the body’s innate capacity for healing and incorporates principles of ancient medicine, quantum biology, and modern technology. She believes that wellness for her patients hinges on the understanding that manifestation and resolution of disease must be addressed in both the physical and energetic body. Realizing that intelligent solutions originate in nature, Dr. Young founded DNA Energetics to support the body’s innate healing systems that restore people to their highest vibrancy and vitality.

Carly Sink

Formulator, Aromatherapist
Carly completed her undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill with majors in Exercise Science and Psychology. After college she began exploring the world of natural medicine while on her own healing journey. She became a sales representative for NES Health (Nutri-energetics), the HeartQuest HRV device, and the Theragem light therapy tool. Throughout her time studying and using these devices, she learned a great deal about bioenergetics and how energy and information move through the body. She has a 300-hr Clinical Aromatherapy Certification through East-West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies. Four years ago, she began working for Dr. Young, learning and growing her understanding of health and holistic healing. She is well versed in the study of vibrational energy through a scientific perspective and understands that healing in an individual takes place on multiple levels of the bio-field. She owns and runs VibesUP Winston-Salem next door to Dr. Young’s medical clinic. Carly has utilized her knowledge and experience of multiple disciplines to assist in creating a product line that is effective, easy to use, and simple to incorporate seamlessly into your daily life.